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Which url si correct to connect to

Hi, what url should I use to connect to the API? ( or ( Im a bit confused which one to connect to.

Creating a Login Authorization with the Token

I need to create a website with this service that has a login page and accepts exactly the token that is provided when registering for the service. However, the GET URL returns results even with the missing or incorrect token, while the POST URL forcibly creates a new user. What can I do?

for new account

my account has been deleted how can i get new one?

401 Unauthorize

Post method holds the token (bearer token) generated from the site. still not working. Please let me now if anything other need to be done.


why my posts and user are deleted next day? i need to work some time

Getting a 422 error while making a post request

const res = await fetch( "", { headers: { "Authorization": Bearer ${API_TOKEN}, 'Accept': 'application/json', "Content-Type": 'application/json' } } Respose data says "user" must exist. It worked 2-3 times before

my token is not working

i am unable to use my token ,it is not working

CORS Error

Hi team, Not able to do a POST request to the below endpoint/API. Kindly advise may be there is a missing CORS setting. Access to fetch at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass acces...

422 Unprocessable Entity for POST Call

While sending below Post REQUEST to create new user in the end point : , [ { "email": "", "name": "Ric Jais", "gender": "female", "status": "active" } ] It gives below- [ { "field": "email", "message": "can't be blank" }, { "field"...

422 Unprocessable entity

While sending Post REQUEST in the following end point : , Input is provided via CSV File. Facing 422 Unprocessable entity . Iteration is displayed as 1. Same error , when we try to create more than one user in a same json request body.