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What is payload for create post

I want to create post using POST /public/v2/users/100/posts this API - what should be the payload?

Pesquisa por id

o user criado por mim nao retorna em nenhuma pesquisa que faco, pelo site, ele aprece normalmente, mas nao em minha api

how to generate a access token



Hi, can I use your REST API with PHP? In case, how must the PHP look like for creating a user? Regards and thanks in advance.

Get posted user in the list?

Is it possible to get posted user in GET user list ( ) ? If i`m using GET , i get only 20 users, is there possibility to get all user list ?

requests number restriction

thank you for fast reply on my previous question, it does work well with bearer token in GET One more thing I would like to clarify, is there a limitation for number of requests from a single account or ip? not going to spam requests but I already experienced unpleasant "too many request" errors after 10-20 requests in other services

Pagination Concepts

How to get the default metadata of api

422 Unprocessable Entity

The status code returned was not expected: 422 Unprocessable Entity for below APEX code Http http = new Http(); HttpRequest request = new HttpRequest(); request.setEndpoint(''); request.setMethod('POST'); system.debug('testbody'+json.serialize(postwrap)); request.setBod...

When i try to update user records in soapui an error occured which shows resource not found??


How to add new user??

when i try to add ,it shows authentication failed ,can anybody help me with this??