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Response headers empty with fetch

Updated on feb 18 I think I have found the problem and the solution is to declare the following response header on the GoRest server: Access-Control-Expose-Headers: X-Pagination-Total,X-Pagination-Pages,X-Pagination-Page,X-Pagination-Limit Hi, how can I access to pagination headers: X-Pagination-Total X-Pagination-Pages X-Pagination-Page X-Pagi...

i am getting CORS error when i hit Get API for Users

I am learning something in Angular and came up to this and wanted a quick crud api. But seems here when I hit get users i am getting CORS error. Anything that i should do in my Angular for this? Because based on my experience I think this is backend issue.

Data Privacy on API

Data posted to REST API Any new data created or modified by the user on REST API is only visible to that particular user. Since token is only the key to identify the user, user should pass the token for GET requests also (otherwise user won't be able to view the data that he created or modified). This is done to protect the user privacy in case ...

Oauth2 + authorization

Hello Guys, I would like to ask you, how is it possible to get my access tokens so that I can use for example POST method on the APIs? What is the endpoint for authorization and what parameters does it need?

How to create a comment using comments API

How to create a comment using comments API?

Public API Version 2

Major change in this version is in the response format, now response body contains only the information of objects (pagination and other stuff is moved to headers). Response body will contain the object or array of objects. Incase of error, response body structure will be {message:"message description"} Pagination Headers X-Pagination-Total tota...

Get all users

Hello. I'm testing your ip with postman. And I can't make one request. How can I get information about all users at once? I tried to change the values ​​of the limit. From 20 to 100 Or wanted to immediately open 2 pages. page=1-2 But it doesn't change the result. It's still 1 page and the l...

Facebook Oauth is removed

User authentication/login with facebook is removed since I stopped using the facebook and facebook apps If anyone used the facebook authentication for login in the past, they may not be able to login again, but the tokens still works. I request you to use any other supported oauth service. I regret the inconvenience that might have been caused.