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Graphql api url is present, but what to query in that is not provided, Pls give more explanation and guide for graphql api's Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)

how to solve this error? this is my code:- import "./App.css"; import React, { useEffect, useState } from "react"; import Axios from "axios"; function App() { const url = ""; const token = "8498579f1bcca86778493562939981f29b2ed572714974a02740856d036a31f5"; const config = { headers: { Authorizatio...

X-Pagination-Limit problem

hi, how can i modify the size of array returned by the response, it is set at 20 and i couldn't modify it here's my code : var response = await axios.request({ url: '/public/v2/comments', method: 'get', headers:{ 'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + myToken ...


I am getting this one why

How to create new user?

How to create new user using json body format

What is payload for create post

I want to create post using POST /public/v2/users/100/posts this API - what should be the payload?

Pesquisa por id

o user criado por mim nao retorna em nenhuma pesquisa que faco, pelo site, ele aprece normalmente, mas nao em minha api

how to generate a access token



Hi, can I use your REST API with PHP? In case, how must the PHP look like for creating a user? Regards and thanks in advance.

Get posted user in the list?

Is it possible to get posted user in GET user list ( ) ? If i`m using GET , i get only 20 users, is there possibility to get all user list ?