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how to get token?

PUT request body for posts endpoint

i tried this but it didn't work. can anyone help? { "id": 69255, "user_id": 5166222, "title": "This Side of Paradise", "body": "Off with his head!" }

Run locally ?

Greetings. Is there any repo where I can download the code from and run it locally?


how to delete account and create new account

Access Token

Access Token

Error Message

i want the error messages when the server side is not working

How to add error messages to my users when something wrong?

when this site is not spelled correctly or if this site is at the time of using in my application is not responding then i want to show the error message in the browser.Likewise,some other error messages and success messages are also i want to show to the user in browser if user post their data to server then show "new user data added successful...

GraphQL filtering

I can't find definitions for filters other than ID in GraphQL schema. Is there a way to obtain users by a name using GraphQL, for instance? Example I can filter providing a name filter in the URL like this: "" Is there a way to obtain the same result but using a GraphQL query?

Authentication failed

I have created the collection variable of Api token. When I'm creating user It's showing me error message "Authentication failed" in postman. Below is the response: { "message": "Authentication failed" } Please help.

user's data order

how can i get the user's data in a order that the recently created one is at first. When I am fetching the data by simply putting it In the URL, it is in sorted form but when I try to fetch it in postman it is in some different order.