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error : {message: 'Resource not found'}

when I try to get by id a post that I created or uptated I'm getting the error: {message: 'Resource not found'}. The posts exists, I checked, the service work because it works for the other existing posts, excepting the ones I create or update... In the REST console here it works too, but on local no, any ideas?



I tried to create a user(POST) but getting 404 error why?

I have given valid URL(, valid auth token also but still getting 404 error

How to handle POST REQUESTS

Hi guys! I'm trying to create a simple user,post and comments managment application. But, when I try to create a new post or comment I have some troubles. If I try to test post endpoint in the Rest Console, the result is always an error. I've another question about the results headers. Do you know if they works well?? Particularly I mean paginat...

How to know the access token

where can i find my access token

my account login

i unable to login my account

How to get Certificate for secure access

Need Java based certificate for secure handshaking

My Post creation data is not visible in the get call

Get Call : Note : Create the data using post and check the data is available using the above APi call is not available. I think the data is saving in the database but it is not populating in the get call

my account was deleted but how to create new account in the go rest.

my account was deleted but how to create new account in the go rest. please you are tell me. how to create is new account plz explain forther steps.

Authentication failed

I am using the postman tool to test api in this i use the post request and give my access token as Bearer token Authentication along with the request but when i sent a request i getAuthentication failed message