401 Unauthorize

Post method holds the token (bearer token) generated from the gorest.co.in site. still not working. Please let me now if anything other need to be done.

Can you please provide your code snippet

I'm new in Postman, here is the code. i tried re-generating token as well but failed too.

URL (https://gorest.co.in) defined as pGorestURL at collection level: Bearer Token at collection level request auth setting ( inherit authentication from parent).

{{pGorestURL}}/public/v2/users var random = Math.random().toString(36).substring(2);

var username = "jim"+random; var useremail = "jim"+random+"gmail.com";

pm.environment.set("username", username); pm.environment.set("useremail", useremail);

{ "name":{{username}}, "gender":"Male", "email":{{useremail}}, "status":"inactive" }

Please let me know if anything wrong doing.

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