I'm getting 422 unprocessable entity . Can anyone please help

input : [{"id":1091468,"name":"shriyashree tiwari","email":"shriya@example.com","gender":"female","status":"active"}]

output:[ { "field": "email", "message": "can't be blank" }, { "field": "name", "message": "can't be blank" }, { "field": "gender", "message": "can't be blank, can be male of female" }, { "field": "status", "message": "can't be blank" } ]

input : {"id":1091468,"name":"shriyashree tiwari","email":"shriya@example.com","gender":"female","status":"active"}

input should be object not array


Iam getting the same status 422, but getting corect output

Please share the payload and result jsons

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