How to access the protected resources in WSO2 API-Manager after imported into yaml file of GoRest API and deployed n published in API-Manager ?

I'm just trying this public API's by creating yaml and tested in swagger editor, there I got response from protected resources(POST/PUT/DELETE) by passsing the Authentication bearer token , But I want to test the same scenarios after imported yaml file into wso2 API-Manager 4.1.0 , deployed and published in publisher portal "https://localhost:9444/publisher" and testing the scenarios(POST/PUT/DELETE) in try-out of developer portal of Api-m "https://localhost:9444/devportal"
In API-Manager devportal we need to create proxy client application then subscibed it and generate new Oauth JWT token to access the proxy resources. But I'm getting response as "Authentication failed" for protected resources (POST/PUT/DELETE) .
Please help me out to resolve . Thank you.

try passing the access token in query parameters ex:

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