Get all users

Hello. I'm testing your ip with postman. And I can't make one request. How can I get information about all users at once? I tried to change the values ​​of the limit. From 20 to 100 Or wanted to immediately open 2 pages. page=1-2 But it doesn't change the result. It's still 1 page and the limit is 20. What request should be made to get all users?

Number of results per page is fixed at 20. this is how normally all REST api works. Any reason you want to get all user info?

In real life scenarios this can be very big data, not possible to provide in one api call

I am also facing the same issue. I am trying to implement a mat-paginator in a angular application which comes with a page size option. But in postman when I am trying to call the api with size/limit/offset other then 20, still I am getting the list having 20 entities only.

Page size if fixed for 20 records, I will check option of specifying page size with in a given limits.

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