Get 422 blank field

I get a 422 response with all the users fields said to be blank. But as you can see the sent payload is filled. In the logs I get this: ``` Route: /public/v2/users

body: {"name":"MyTest","email":"[email protected]","gender":"male","status":"inactive"}

Error message: [{"field":"email","message":"can't be blank"},{"field":"name","message":"can't be blank"},{"field":"gender","message":"can't be blank, can be male or female"},{"field":"status","message":"can't be blank"}]

Method: POST

Error status : 422 ```

I did the same call using the rest console and it worked

Problem solve, I forgot the header "content-type ": "application/json"

where are all intelligent please provide use solution

In above case header "contenet-type" is missing

[ { "field": "email", "message": "is invalid" } ]

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